Comprehensive 'farm-to-fork' food traceability solution

Traceable is a one-stop automated solution for seamless data exchange enabling traceability and transparency throughout your whole food and beverage supply chain.

Delivering end-to-end batch tracking from point of manufacture to point of dispensation, Traceable ensures efficiency and compliance for your business.

Get assured of total traceability of product and ingredient batches from your supplier to your warehouse and then ultimately to your customer.

    • Get full visibility throught your supply chain
    • Account for the movement of all food batches
    • Simplify product recalls and warnings
    • Keep inventory at optimal levels
    • Reduce losses from misplaced or mismanaged items
    • Automate all documentation requirements
    • Notice defects much earlier in the supply chain
    • Stop defective items from entering the market
    • Prevent recalls from expanding to other products
    • Stay compliant with current food regulations
  • 1. Configure
  • 2. Capture
  • 3. Deliver
  • 4. Track and Manage
  • Compliance

    Traceable helps companies maintain quality and compliance throughout the manufacturing process while ensuring that industry and regulatory standards are met.

  • Preparedness

    Gain greater visibility into your supply chain and ascertain the origin of products, ingredients and their attributes from the farm through to the consumer.

  • Response

    In case of contamination, fraudulent activity, counterfeited goods or a food recall, Traceable improves the agility of your response helping you maintain trust with consumers.

  • Prevention

    Our solution allows for the determination of the causalty of a problem during product recalls helping isolate and prevent more contaminated products from reaching consumers.

Have you complied with new food & beverage regulations?

Traceable helps you avoid hefty fines and liability claims

Food-borne pathogens like Listeriosis and E.Coli can have devastating effects on public health which has resulted in regulators making the use of software for full transparency and traceability into all food business processes compulsory.

Traceable is designed to facilitate compliance with current South African food safety regulations, including Regulation No. 10/2018 of the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act, (ACT NO. 54 of 1972) and others.

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